Technologies for Women in Agriculture => Livestock and Fisheries


Back ground

Fisher women play very important role in post harvest handling and processing of fishes. Among various processed product dry fish is very common and has a good domestic market. It is an established fact that while preparing the dry fishes the producers give very little attention to the hygiene. No doubt with hygienic preparation and good packaging increase the production cost. Technological intervention for hygienic production and the forward and backward linkage of marketing can result in the sustained livelihood of the coastal fisher women. Diversification of activity by introducing other value added product can improve the economic conditions of the fisher women. For producing hygienic dry fish a low cost drying rack was prepared.

Technology description(Technical)

A fish drying rack was constructed by using PVC pipe, connector and net. The frame consists of length 7' 9", height 5' 7.5" and width 3' 6" which holds four removable drying beds of 3' 6" x 3' 6". Height from ground to first rack is 3' 5.5" and the gap between two racks is 2' 2".

How it is women friendly?

  • Post harvest handling of fish from time immemorial has been carried out by women in coastal areas.
  • Fish an important source of protein and foreign exchange the country also provides livelihood to the coastal fisher community.
  • The fish handling practices at landing centres, processing sites and markets have been poor which leads to losses of a considerable percentage of this valuable commodity.
  • One of the means to avoid the post harvest losses and ensure good quality fish products to the consumers of is improvement of fish handling and processing practices at the producers� level in which women are an important stakeholders.


    It is well accepted by fisher women because it reduces the drudgery and also reduces the time of drying.

Locale of dissemination/ application:

Penthagota, Puri, Odisha


  • It reduces the time of drying and drudgery of fisher women.
  • Due to elevated platform dry fishes are produced safe and hygienic.

Limitations if any

    Net has to be change every year


Source (author/organization):

Abha Singh, P. K. Sahoo, Anil Kumar and Tanuja S., ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Developed and tested

Year and purpose:

2011 for hygienic production of dry fish





Weather further study/ modification are required or not: