Technologies for Women in Agriculture => Drudgery Reducing Implements


Back ground

Hand operated maize Dehusker-sheller was developed by this Institute in order to tide over the problem of drudgery and improve the work efficiency of women workers. This machine has been designed using ergonomic and mechanical considerations for dehusking and shelling the un-dehusked dry maize cobs. The machine is operated by two persons, i.e. one for feeding one by one cob at certain interval and another for hand cranking. The design of the machine is such that it can also be operated successfully with half hp single phase electric motor.

Technology description(Technical)

  • The equipment consists of main frame (trapezium shaped), threshing cylinder unit (beaters, solid lugs, louverers, side plates, circular pipe for providing cylinder shaft and main shaft), feeding hopper, grain collection unit, outlet for sheath & kernels, power transmission unit for hand cranking, chain cover and transport wheel. Latch assembly is provided for frequent opening and closing of top cylinder cover, whenever required.
  • It works on the principle of impact, shear and abrasion. Lugs are mounted on the flat surface of MS angle iron beater. Square cross section of lugs provided on the periphery of beater help in removing the outer sheath and kernels from the cobs. Thus, dehusking-shelling is performed continuously with the equipment. Louverer provided at feeding end and discharge end helps in pushing away the cob hearts (kernels) and loose sheath out of the equipment. A perforated concave below the cylinder facilitate in falling out the maize grain along the trough in grain collecting unit. Farm women cleaned the grain (obtained from equipment) with winnowing basket.

How it is women friendly?

    It is hand operated and easy to operated. It can be operated by two women. Transportation wheels are there for easy transportation.


    60 kg/h

Locale of dissemination/ application:

The small and marginal farmers including farmwomen can adopt this machine as investment is less with minor maintenance cost. This machine can be custom hired.


  • The equipment is gender-friendly.
  • It has potential for custom hiring.
  • Equipment provides employment to three persons.
  • It is also capable in shelling dehusked maize cob.
  • Grain obtained from the equipment can be taken as seed for sowing purpose./li>
  • It can also be operated with single-phase 370 W (0.5 hp) or 740 W (1 hp) electric motor.

Limitations if any

    If maize cobs are half shelled, then these should be re-fed


Source (author/organization):

Dr. S. P. Singh and Dr. Jyoti Nayak, ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Developed and tested

Year and purpose:

2009-12, To reduce the drudgery of the farmwomen during the operation of maize shelling and dehusking.


Rs. 25,000/-


Commercialized in collaboration with M/s Sai Shakti Pvt. Ltd, Industrial Estate, Cuttack

Weather further study/ modification are required or not:

Yes, For smooth running