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Back ground

Guava is the important fruit-crop, which is cultivated in subtropical and tropical climates of the country due to the hardy nature and prolific bearing even in marginal lands. Its cultivation requires little care and inputs. Presently this crop has exhibited a paradigm shift in the production system, from subsistence farming to commercial production. The traditional system of cultivation has often posed problems in attaining desired levels of productivity due to large tree canopy. Currently, there is a worldwide trend to plant fruit trees at higher density or meadow orcharding to control tree size and maintain desired architecture for better light interception and ease in operations such as pruning, pest control and harvesting. The high density or meadow orcharding facilitates enhance production and quality of fruits.

Technology description

Keeping in view the facts high density and meadow orcharding of guava was developed in 100m2 at ICAR CIWA to improve the productivity and quality of fruits. In meadow orcharding, production starts from the first year of planting and the productivity is higher with superior fruit quality besides the ease of plant management. In this method planting of guava accommodates 5000 plants /ha at 1.0x 2.0 m spacing. The plant canopy was managed judiciously with regular pruning. Plants were topped after 2 months of planting i.e. in the month of October. After appearance of new shoots, 50% of the shoots were pruned again in December- January for further induction of new shoots. This is done to attain the desired tree canopy architecture and strong framework. The emerged shoots are allowed to grow for 3 - 4 months before they are again pruned by 50 per cent. After pruning, new shoots emerge on which flowering takes place.

How it is women friendly?

  • Meadow orcharding of guava technology is suitable for women as they can perform easily in pruning, pest control and harvesting of fruits due to manageable height of the plants.
  • Punned leaves were used as a mulching as organic manures which improve soil fertility and conserve the water which reduced cost of production.


  • This technology is suitable under Odisha condition.
  • An average fruit yield of 2- 3 kg/plant was recorded in 3rd year of plantation.

Locale of dissemination/ application:

The small and marginal farmers including farmwomen who have with limited capital/ resources can take up this technology for improving nutrition and income.


    More profit can be earned if adopted this technology.

Limitations if any




Source (author/organization):

Naresh Babu, A.K. Shukla and Kundan Kishore, ICAR - Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar, Odisha



Year and purpose:

2012-16 to increase productivity per unit area


Rs 8-10/ plant



Weather further study/ modification are required or not: