Technologies for Women in Agriculture => Drudgery Reducing Implements


Back ground

Generally the farm women use hand blower (kula) for cleaning the grains from dust, chaff and small stones. This process in very painful and time taking also. The output is very less. It creates hazard to back, nose, eyes, hand like all the body parts of the women

Technology description (Technical)

The equipment is designed as to and fro motion of the sieve will create a shaking movement which cleans grain. It consists of main frame, two grading screens, draper rod, rubber grip over handle, shutter etc. Four ropes are tied on the hooks provided on main frame of cleaner and hanged on any elevated point or hooks attached to the ceiling. It is operated in oscillating mode. The handle height of cleaner from ground should be at waist height of operator. Based on the size of grain, screen may be selected. Slow movement of cleaner is required after pouring grain on top of screen so that grain goes slowly down the cleaner box and chaff/ stubbles are remained on top of screen. After collecting the chaff from top of screen, gentle movement of cleaner is done to remove dirt, broken and finer chaff etc. present in the grain. Thereafter, it is taken out in a bag that is hanged on a sack holder by opening shutter of cleaner.

How it is women friendly?

    It avoids bending posture.


    225 kg/h

Locale of dissemination/ application:

small and marginal farmers


  • Drudgery reduction by 63% per unit of output.
  • Four times productivity of worker.
  • Suitable for custom hiring.

Limitations if any

    Two persons are required to operate


Hanging-Type-Cleaner Hanging-Type-Cleaner

Source (author/organization):

Dr. S. P. Singh, ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Tested and Modified

Year and purpose:

2009-12, To reduce the drudgery and increase the work efficiency


Rs 5000



Weather further study/ modification are required or not: