Technologies for Women in Agriculture => Drudgery Reducing Implements


Back ground

Based on observations and feedback received from women workers during the experiment with commercially available fertilizer broadcaster, the broadcaster was refined to make it suitable for them using anthropometrical data of women workers.

Technology description (Technical)

It consists of a hopper with agitator, spreading disk, gear, crank with handle, rear cushioning pad and straps with shoulder pad for mounting. The broadcaster needs to be cross-mounted, as it is a belly-mounted equipment. A woman worker should start the broadcasting work keeping 2.5 m away from bund of field and maintain 5 m spacing during the operation in subsequent passes. The quantity of fertilizer in hopper may be observed from its transparent lid and when required it may be filled. The broadcaster may be cleaned thoroughly after use.

How it is women friendly?

    A woman can easily mount and dismount the refined broadcaster.


    1.15 ha/h

Locale of dissemination/ application:

small and marginal farmers


  • About 6% saving in cardiac cost of worker per ha with refined broadcaster in comparison to traditional practice was found.
  • Uniform application of fertilizer is done.
  • It saves workers from dust of urea at the time of application thereby enhancing safety of workers.
  • Productivity of worker increased more than thrice with the equipment than traditional method.

Limitations if any

    Only dry and granular fertilizer can be applied


Fertilizer broadcaster Fertilizer broadcaster

Source (author/organization):

Dr. L. P. Gite and Dr. S. P. Singh ICAR-CIAE, Bhopal


Tested and modified for height reduction

Year and purpose:

2009-12, To reduce the drudgery and increase the work efficiency


Rs. 2,500/-



Weather further study/ modification are required or not: