Technologies for Women in Agriculture => Drudgery Reducing Implements



Back ground

Traditionally seed sowing done by rural farmer is by broad casting. For line sowing, use of tractor drawn seed drill is not suitable for small and marginal farmers. So, this machine is suitable for line sowing in the field of small and marginal farmers, which promotes use of weeder, avoids bending posture and saves time consumed during manual line sowing.

Technology description (Technical)

The seed drill have been refined for women workers using anthropometric data. It consists of a handle, hopper for seed and fertilizer, peg type ground wheel, a roller with cells and a hook for pulling the drill. The metering roller is directly mounted on the ground wheel shaft. The seed drill needs to be operated in well-prepared field. The seed drill is operated by two workers, i.e. one for pulling and another for pushing and guiding. Rope is tied to hook provided in front of the seed drill for pulling.

How it is women friendly?

    Two women can easily operate this machine. Weight is only 11 kg . Bending posture is avoided.


450 m2/h

Locale of dissemination/ application:

small and marginal farmers


  • Drudgery reduction by 87% per unit of output.
  • Bending posture avoided.
  • Line sowing helped use of mechanical weeder.

Limitations if any

    Two persons are required to operate


Source (author/organization):

Dr. L. P. Gite and S. P. Singh, ICAR-CIAE, Bhopal


Tested and modified for cup size reduction

Year and purpose:

2009-12, To reduce the drudgery and increase the work efficiency


Rs. 4000



Weather further study/ modification are required or not:

Modification needed for single handed operation.