ICAR-CIWA organized ‘Training-cum-Demonstration on ‘Vermicompost Production and Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation’

A Training cum demonstration programmes on vermicompost production and mushroom cultivation was organised by ICAR-Central Institute of Women in Agriculture (ICAR-CIWA), Bhubaneswar at Majhikhera Village, Sandara Panchayat, Puri on 4 August 2023 under NICRA-CGC funded project on “Gender Responsive Integrated Homestead Aqua-horticulture (GRIHA): a Sustainable Climate Resilient Approach Towards Livelihood Diversification’’. The main objective of the training programme was to impart knowledge on the importance of vermicompost as organic manure, use of vermiwash, preparation of vermicompost in HDPE vermibeds and paddy straw mushroom cultivation. Paddy straw mushroom spawn was distributed among the farmers to take up its cultivation as a climate resilient approach. Twenty farmers attended the programme. The farmers were provided with CIFAX, a technology of ICAR-CIFA, which is an ecofriendly scientific formulation for fish health management. Details about CIFAX including advantages and the method of application in aquaculture ponds were explained to the farm families. They were also facilitated with ecofriendly pest control measures like the yellow and blue sticky traps. Farmers were explained about the importance of adoption of various climate smart aquaculture interventions to adapt, build resilience and mitigate the climate change effects. Discussion on the climate smart homestead aquaculture calendar developed by ICAR-CIWA was done and the farmers were urged to follow the calendar for their aquaculture operations. Farm information and record register was also distributed among the farmers and they were trained about the method of filling the register. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr. Tanuja S. and Dr. Tania Seth, ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar.