ICAR-CIWA organized Training cum Demonstration on Improved package of practices in French bean cultivation

In preparation for the forthcoming Rabi season cultivation, ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar conducted a Training and Demonstration program focused on ‘Improved package of practices in French bean cultivation’ in Sagada village, located within the Nimapara block of Puri on 18th October 2023. The programme comprised of demonstration on seed treatment of French been seeds with Rhizobium culture to promote nitrogen fixation in the root nodules of the plants for increased nitrogen availability and improved plant growth. The women farmers were provided hands-on training on seed treatment techniques using Rhizobium culture. The training programme provided the farm women a holistic awareness on improved package of practices of French bean cultivation comprising of land preparation, soil analysis, adjusting soil pH, application of manures and basal dose of fertilizers, intercultural operations viz., weed control, mulching, thinning, and pinching; crop management viz., Integrated Nutrient Management, Irrigation Management, Integrated Disease and Pest Management; harvesting techniques, post-harvest handling. Considering the ample time availability with the farm women, post-paddy harvesting, Family-Poultry was popularized as an approach towards income diversification and livelihood improvement. Popularization of Family-Poultry in rural areas among SC farm women is a promising source of additional income due to low initial capital investment, easy income generation and a source of nutrition. In this training programme, the farm women were trained on several key components that contribute to the successful management of a small-scale poultry operation viz., selection of appropriate poultry breeds, suitable housing and shelter, feeding and nutrition, egg production and management, meat production, managing poultry waste and market access. Additionally, on this occasion critical inputs viz., sprayer, iron bucket, showel, milk can and improved hand sickle (each 60 nos.) were distributed to 60 SC women farmers. To commence the rabi cultivation, superior quality French bean seeds (cv. Arka Arjun) 50 Kg were also distributed among 60 progressive farm women to demonstrate in their nutri-garden covering an area of 2.5 acres. The farm women were also sensitized about the importance of farm mechanization in agriculture and use of small tools and implements to reduce drudgery. The programme was successfully coordinated by Dr. Ankita Sahu, Scientist, Dr. A.K. Panda, Principal Scientist with the technical assistance of Mr. S.K. Behera, Senior Technical Assistant, ICAR-CIWA.