Demonstration on farm made fish feed preparation and hygienic solar drying

A demonstration on farm made fish feed preparation and hygienic solar drying was organized by ICAR-CIWA Bhubaneswar at Narakoligoroda Village, Satyabadi Blcok, Puri District on 28 February 2024 under the NICRA funded project on “Gender responsive Integrated Homestead Aqua-horticulture (GRIHA): A Sustainable Climate Resilient Approach towards Livelihood Diversification’’. The project was implemented by ICAR-CIWA with an aim to ensure sustainable production and availability of nutritious fish and vegetable to rural families, through popularization of climate smart and women friendly aqua-horticulture practices. Around 60 farmers actively participated in the programme. The farmers were demonstrated the preparation of fish feed with locally available feed ingredients using a pelleting machine. The use of cost-effective farm made feed formulations that are palatable and having a nutrient composition that targets the specific developmental stage of the fish will improve production parameters, improve the economic efficiency of the aquaculture operations, and will have a positive effect on the environmental impact of the farming operations. Hygienic drying of vegetables and fish using solar cabinet dryer was also demonstrated to the farmers.. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr Tanuja S, Sr. Scientist and Dr Sukanta Kumar Sarangi, Head, Division of Agricultural Technologies for Women, ICAR-CIWA Bhubaneswar