Ongoing Research Projects

Institute Projects

Programme-1: Create, characterize, classify and maintain the repository of database to analyse the dynamics and role of women in different sectors of agriculture in different Agro Ecological -Regions

  • Studies on sectoral contribution of women in agriculture and allied sectors
  • Development of Integrated National Information System for Women in Agriculture
  • Gender mainstreaming through Govt. schemes in animal husbandry sector for empowering farm women

Programme-2: Standardization of techniques for livelihood analysis and women empowerment in different agro-ecological regions

  • Integrating gender dimensions for improvement of livelihood through empowerment
  • Impact assessment of women empowerment through watershed development projects in different agro-ecological regions of India
  • Developing community seed network in traditional production systems for sustainable livelihood of tribal women
  • Assessment of role of organised dairy sector on livelihood of women

Programme-3: Community-based technological interventions for food, nutrition, livelihood securities and entrepreneurship development for farm women

  • Development of women entrepreneurship in Livestock and fisheries sector for promoting gender equity and strengthening livelihood
  • Entrepreneurship development through value addition and product diversification of food crops

Programme-4: Vulnerability framework and drudgery reduction for women in agriculture

  • Study of Farm Equipments and Tools for Drudgery Reduction of Women In Agriculture

Programme-5: Assessment, refinement and popularization of gender friendly technologies and skill enhancement of farm women

  • Design and development of gender sensitive integrated vertical nutri-farming system (IVNFS) for household nutrition and income
  • Designing and development of a Gender Sensitive Agri-nutri (GSAN) farming system model
  • Assessment and refinement of integrated farming systems in gender perspective in different agro-ecological regions of India
  • Development of nutri smart villages for food security and dietary diversity for combating malnutrition

Externally funded Research Projects

  • AICRP on Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture (ESA)
  • Women empowerment and gender sensitization-Developing a model for bridging gender gap (NASF)
  • Gender Responsive Integrated homestead aqua-horticulture: a climate resilient approach towards livelihood diversification" (NICRA)
  • Empowering farm women through Climate Smart Intensification and Diversification in Minor Irrigation Command area of Keonjhar District (Odisha) (OIIPCRA)