Ongoing Research Projects

Institute Projects
  • Engendering Agricultural Research and Extension through Gender Friendly Technology Hub
  • Developing gender sensitive model for Doubling Farmers' income by addressing gender concerns and technological gaps
  • Strengthening gender knowledge system in Agriculture
  • Seed Production of Food Crops in Tribal Regions with Participation of Women
  • Optimizing technological interventions with gender perspective in small scale mango orchards
  • Drudgery Reduction of Women Involved in Fish Processing through Technological Interventions
  • Livelihood improvement of tribal farm women through secondary agriculture
  • Design and development of disc type ridger for farmwomen
  • Development and evaluation of integrated floating cage aquageoponics system for small scale Women pond holders
  • Performance evaluation of selected farm tools and implements in gender perspective for operational and ergonomic parameters
  • Mapping livestock and gender and studying the role of institutions in livestock development in Eastern India
  • Status of Women in Peri-urban Dairy Farming : Mainstreaming their Role for Enhancing Income and Productivity
  • Gender inclusive homestead aquaculture for enhancing household fish consumption and income
  • Promoting gender equity through family poultry production
  • Enhancing income of rural women through improved goat rearing
  • Improving availability of quality pulse seed with participation of women
  • Exploratory study on nutritional status of Nabarangpur district, of Odisha (Inter Institutional Project with Regional Station CTCRI, Bhubaneswar)
Externally funded Research Projects
  • Increased Productivity of Rice based Cropping Systems and Farmers Income in Odisha
  • Empowering Women Farmers Through Promotion of Gender Friendly Farm Equipment
  • Adding value to fish: a potential livelihood option for rural women of Odisha