Glycemic food products for diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a universal health problem. Its incidence is rising due to rapid urbanization, improved socio-economic status
and life style changes with regards to diet and physical activity. Since most Indian diets are high in carbohydrates, glycemic index (GI) of foods is highly relevant in managing both Type I and Type II DM. The glycemic index indicates the extent in rise in blood sugar in response to an equivalent amount of glucose.In total 18 glycemic products were developed. Almost all the developed products were rich in nutrients and were highly accepted by the target group. The acceptability scores and the nutrients composition of glycemic products are Roti with Fenugreek seed pd
(38.88), Roti with Kalmekh leaves pd (27.58), Kangani Lauki Gatta (36.12), Kangani Khaman (43.28), Cheela (45.15), Nutritious Pulao (33.57),Oat Biscuit, Oat Chapati (30.15), Nutritious Dalia (50.3), Sprouted Dal Chat (40.4), Hypoglycim mix (40.2), Product 2 Thalipith (37.06), Pessarattu (31.46), Ragi Dosa (39.0), Chappati (46.2), Soya Biscuits and Barley biscuits.