1. Director
  2. Scientific
  3. Technical
  4. Administrative

Dr. (Mrs. ) Jatinder Kishtwaria

ICAR - Central Institute for Women in Agriculture
(Previously ICAR-Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture)
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751003
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1 Dr. Biswanath Sadangi Emeritus Scientist Agriculture Extension
2 Dr. S. K Srivastava Principal Scientist Entomology
3 Dr. Anil Kumar Principal Scientist Livestock Production Management
4 Dr. Sabita Mishra Principal Scientist Agril. Extension
5 Dr. A. K Panda Principal Scientist Animal Nutrition
6 Dr. Biswanath Sahoo Principal Scientist Animal Nutrition
7 Dr. J. Charles Jeeva Senior Scientist Agril. Extension
8 Dr. Jyoti Nayak Senior Scientist Family Resource Management
9 Dr. Ananta Sarkar Senior Scientist Agricultural Statistics
10 Dr. Laxmipriya Sahoo Scientist Seed Technology
11 Dr. S. Tanuja Scientist Fish Processing Technology
12 Ms. G. Moharana Scientist Family Resource Management
13 Dr. Shivaji Dadabhau Argade Scientist Agril. Extension
14 Ms. Mhatre Chaitrali Shashank Scientist Farm Machinery & Power
15 Mrs. Ankita Sahu Scientist Fruit Science
1 Shri. A. Shaji Senior Technical Officer
2 Mrs. Geeta Saha Technical Officer
3 Shri. D. N. Sadangi Senior Technical Assistant
4 Shri. Manoranjan Prusty Senior Technical Assistant
5 Shri. Bhikari C. Behera Senior Technical Assistant
6 Shri. B. C. Sahu Senior Technical Assistant
7 Dr. Sujit Kumar Nayak Senior Technical Assistant
8 Mrs. Tapaswani Sahoo Technical Assistant
9 Shri. Sanjay Kumar Behera Technical Assistant
10 Shri. Pragati Kishore Rout Technical Assistant
11 Shri. Subrat Kumar Das Technical Assistant
12 Shri. Atul Chetan Hemrom Technical Assistant
1 Shri. Jairam Biswal Administrative Officer 
3 Shri. Janardhan Biswal Assistant Finance & Accounts Officer
4 Mrs. Parisima Sen Private secretary
5 Mrs. Bishnupriya Moharana Assistant Administrative Officer
6 Shri. Parikshit Mallick Stenographer Gr. III
7 Shri. Jyoti Ranjan Das Upper Division Clerk
8 Shri. Biswanath Biswal S.S.S