'lehyam' for anemia

To address the problem of anemia, an iron rich product named as lehyam by using underutilized and locally available green leafy vegetables. For preparation of lehyam, more than seventy green leafy vegetables viz. cauliflower leaves, amaranth leaves,
colocasia leaves, kondhra leaves, knol khol leaves, bathua leaves, coriander leaves,curry leaves, drumstick leaves, fenugreek leaves, mint leaves, spinach, radish leaves etc were screened for iron content. Altogether 24 lehyams/ formulations were developed. The standardization, nutrient analysis, quality control, sensory evaluation and shelf life studies were carried out. The overall acceptability score of organoleptic characteristic of lehyams ranged from 5.0 to 8.6 based on 9 point hedonic scale. The iron content of the lehyam ranged from 8.53- 37.59 mg/100g. Most of the Centres had achieved the targeted iron content between 3-5 mg/ 20 g of servings of lehyam/formulations. Formulations also had good nutritional profile in terms of calcium, vitamin C and β - carotene. The nutrient compositions of the lehyams developed