Director's Message

          In the agricultural sector women participate in a number of agro-production systems that govern the nature and extent of their involvement. There is a significant heterogeneity across regions, states, locations and context in the role of rural women and their participation in agricultural activities. Most significant agricultural activities undertaken by women include farming, post harvest management, horticultural activities, livestock management, fisheries and homestead resources. Among farming activities, women generally participate in transplanting, weeding, plant protection, harvesting, processing, winnowing, storing, etc. Many of these are very laborious, time consuming and drudgery prone. There is a need to tailor technologies to meet the needs of women agricultural
workers and to make them affordable enough for women to access. It should be ensured that technologies are accessible, income generating, low cost and poverty reducing, women friendly and drudgery eliminating. Some of the gender friendly and low cost technologies validated for drudgery reduction of farm women are maize dehusker-sheller, groundnut decorticator, improved sickle, parboiling unit, vegetable plucker, etc. These have to be popularized and publicized through the media for large scale adoption. In sugarcane production also drudgery prone activities such as scrapping are being carried out by women. Similarly, majority of flower and cotton plucking is in the hands of women. DRWA has been making efforts to develop/ refine such technologies. However, the adoption of these has not been very satisfactory due to lack of awareness and availability in the market. Simultaneously, efforts are needed to make these easily available in the market. It is only through such concerted efforts that the plight and productivity of women in agriculture in India can be improved.

With best wishes,

Dr. (Mrs). Neelam Grewal

Director, Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture