DRWA Celebrated ‘Technology Week for Women in Agriculture’ in a Remote Tribal Village

As part of the ‘Technology Week for Women in Agriculture’ celebrations of the Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture (DRWA), Bhubaneswar, an off-campus programme was conducted on 22nd January 2014 in a remote tribal village viz., K.M. Bhalia Shahi in R. Udayagiri block of Gajapati District. The programme was conducted in association with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gajapati.

As a part of the programme, an ‘Animal Health Camp’ was organized in which 230 large animals such as bullocks and cows; 249 small animals (goats and sheeps) as well as 302 poultry birds were given mass treatment. This was pertinent in view of the recent cyclone ‘Phailin’, and the subsequent downpour of rains that posed threat of contagious diseases in this area. Realizing the significance of livestock in the livelihood of tribal families, and the poor access to animal health care services due to the remoteness of the village, this camp was organized to provide veterinary services at the doorstep. Apart from the vaccination drive, the animals were given mass treatment for various diseases viz., foot and mouth disease (FMD), ectoparasitic infestation, endoparasitic infestation, colibacillosis, dysentery (bloody diarrhea), fever, femur fracture, anaestrous in cows, wound dressings, inapetiance, bacillary white diarrhea in birds, salmonellasis in birds, etc. The tribal families were also given tips on routine animal health care. Dr. Anil Kumar, Principal Scientist, DRWA and Dr. Rudra Prasad Rath, Veterinary Asst. Surgeon, R. Udayagiri, participated in the programme as resource persons.

The programme also included knowledge and skill upgradation through demonstration of gender-friendly maize dehusker cum sheller, developed by DRWA using ergonomic and mechanical considerations. Ms. Gayatri Moharana, Dr. Kushagra Joshi and Mr. Pragati Kishore Rout from DRWA conducted the demonstrations. Awareness was created on ‘Drudgery Reducing Implements for Farm Women’. This was followed by distribution of hampers of women-friendly, drudgery reducing minor farm tools such as vegetable cutters designed by DRWA, hand cultivator, khurpi, tubular maize sheller and ring cutter to all the tribal families.
A ‘Knowledge Debate’ among Tribal Women, on the topic ‘Women’s Role in Ensuring Household Nutritional Security’ was also conducted on this occasion. Dr. Sushmita Mohanty, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Gajapati, Ms. Gayatri Moharana and Dr. J. Charles Jeeva moderated the programme. A number of tribal women participated in this interactive programme. Smt. Bhanumati Nayak, Ms. Pratima Banuarai and Smt. Mukta Banuarai won the first, second and third prize, respectively.
About 70 tribal farm families participated in the programme. All the participants showed enthusiasm in the activities undertaken and were appreciative of the efforts of the DRWA team consisting of Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. J. Charles Jeeva, Ms. Gayatri Moharana, Dr. Kushagra Joshi and Mr. Pragati Kishore Rout.