Review meeting of AICRP on Home Science

A meeting of all the scientists working in AICRP on Home Science was held at DRWA, Bhubaneswar from 18-20 September, 2013 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Neelam Grewal, Director, DRWA, to review the proposed technical plan of action. Scientists from ten Centres attended the meeting. Scientists were advised to discuss and review the technical programme of the project for the XII plan period in terms of objectives, methodology and success indicators. Technical Coordinators of the five disciplines of Home Science presented the work done during the year 2012-13, followed by Brainstorming on future technical programme of AICRP on Home Science. Dr Neelam Grewal, Director, DRWA briefed about major objectives for the XII Plan Period and guidelines for preparing the future plan of action. Dr Naresh Girdhar, Senior Scientist and Co-Nodal Officer (Agricultural Extension Division), ICAR, New Delhi explained the Result Framework Document to all the scientists and profuse discussions were held.