DRWA organized Farmers-Scientist Interface at Bhadrak in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Bhadrak

To strengthen the capacity of the farmwomen in IPM and sensitize various stake holders farmers and farmwomen on gender related issues with women perspective, a Scientists-Farmers Interface in the Ksihra Sahi village of Bhadrak district was organised by DRWA in collaboration with KVK, Bhadrak. The Interface conducted under the project Identification of gender issues in IPM and suitable intervention with women perspective, was in a participatory mode and was attended by more than 86 farmwomen/farmers and other stakeholders. Dr. S.K. Srivastava, the Principal Investigator of the project, from DRWA, explained the importance of IPM which is cost effective, labour saving, and is extremely beneficial in the long run. The use of locally available insect/pest repellents like Neem and economic substitutes like Pheromone trap was also emphasized. In the current scenario of rising price of insecticides and pesticides IPM is the most suitable eco-friendly option. It was also brought to the notice of the farmers/farmwomen that the project would also reduce the entry of pesticide in the food chain. Earlier Dr. Aurobinda Das, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Bhadrak made the welcome address. Sri Arun K. Patra, Plant Protection Officer, Bhadrak shared his expertise on IPM, and many times quoted various slokas from his Krishi Bhagwat. Dr. Amresh Khuntia, Associate Director Research, RRTTS, Bhadrak, Dr. Vivek Kumar Asst. Scientist, IRRI, Rajat Kumar Nayak ex-president Chandigarh SCS and Dr. U Nayak SMS PP Bhadrak were among the other stake holders who also shared their expertise and shed light on IPM and its perspective with women in Agriculture. From among the participating farmers and farmwomen a male and female farmer were identified as "Krishi-Rakshak" who will also be trained under the project.

The Co-PI of the project Drs. Sabita Mishra, and Naresh Babu emphasised on the role of women and their important contribution in agriculture and allied activities. Mr. Atul C. Hemrom, Technical Assistant DRWA assisted in successful organizing of the programme.