ICAR- DRWA Celebrated ‘Technology Week for Women in Agriculture’

The ICAR- Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture (ICAR-DRWA), Bhubaneswar celebrated ‘Technology Week for Women in Agriculture’ from 1st-8th December, 2014. As a part of the celebrations, six off-campus and one on-campus programmes were conducted

Off-campus programmes

The off-campus programmes were conducted at six villages in different districts of Odisha viz., Sakhigopal and Otarakera in Puri, Nagapada in Kendrapada, Tarajodi in Mayurbhanj, Haridamada in Khordha and Bajra Mahakali Pittra in Jhadeswarpur.

The programmes included Farmers -Scientists Interfaces (6 Nos.) and frontline training and demonstrations (4 Nos.) on seedling raising of vegetable crops in pro-trays, preparation of value added fish products, building of low cost vermicomposting unit and gender friendly farm tools. Knowledge debates were also conducted (5 Nos.) among farm women on the topics role of women in agriculture, aquaculture and livestock technologies for rural women and rearing of backyard poultry. Technical talks were delivered on the subjects, nutritional security through homestead gardening, farmers' rights, role of women in rearing backyard poultry and family nutrition, contribution of vermicompost to soil health, integrated pest management (IPM) and hygiene and sanitation.

Critical inputs were distributed to the farm families. These included seeds of improved varieties vegetables, planting materials of fruit trees and hybrid napier fodder crop, yellow sticky traps for effective pest management, and metallic grain storage bins to promote scientific storage. At Village Tarajodi, a crop produce competition was also organized, in which the tribal farm women actively participated and displayed various crop produces. Based on the best produces, three winners were selected.

Other events included a quiz competition conducted at Otarakera, in which the farm women candidly participated. A Health Camp was organized at Bajra Mahakali Pittra in Jhadeswarpur, in collaboration with Department of Health, Salepur and an NGO. Five hundred and thirty five villagers including men, women and kids were given treatment/ medical care for eye, skin, paediatrics and other physical ailments. Free medicines for anemia, deworming, cold etc., were given to the patients. In all the programmes, awareness on hygiene and sanitation was also highlighted in the light of ''Swachh Bharat Mission'' initiated by Honourable Prime Minister of India. About 1000 farmwomen, children, farmers and rural youth participated in the off-campus programmes, and showed keen interest in knowing about the research, extension and development activities of the Directorate.

On-campus programme at the Directorate

A sensitization workshop on nutrition gardening was organized on 6th December, 2014 at the Directorate. About 60 farmwomen and farmers from Nimapara block of Puri district participated in the programme. The Director, ICAR-DRWA highlighted the significance of nutrition garden for family nutrition and health security of farm families. Knowledge on layout of the plot, selection of seeds and cropping pattern to be followed in nutrition gardening was imparted. The importance of balanced diet, conservation of nutrients during cooking, hygiene and sanitation for maintaining healthy life were also stressed. PRA exercises were also carried out, in which the farm women were formed into different groups and prepared their village resource map. The visitors also had a field visit to the Directorate's farms and exposed to different low cost protective structures for horticultural crops, nutrition garden and orchards.