Workshop on Gender Responsive Budgeting (5-6 October, 2016)

Two days National Level Sensitization Workshop was conducted on “Gender Responsive Budgeting” during 5-6 October, 2016 at ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar. The workshop comprised of representatives from different fields working towards gender responsive budgeting in India. It was a very enriching event of bringing together and sharing of experiences in order to understand the gender equality and public financial management through gender responsive budgeting. About 50 participants had participated in the program. Dr. Sabita Mishra welcomed and opened the workshop. Dr. Jatinder Kishtwaria, Director, ICAR-CIWA was the Chief Guest of the event who threw light on the intensity of the Gender Budgeting as a powerful tool for achieving gender mainstreaming. Dr. Shikha Mathur of Nodal Centre for Women Development & Gender Studies, NIFM, Haryana started the program with her introductory address. Eminent scientists and experts such as Dr. Reetu Sharma, Dr. Diksha, Dr. Sudeshna Sen from NIFM, Haryana contributed immensely in putting forth their ideas regarding gender budgeting, need assessment, budget making process and identifying gender issues using GB checklist etc. There was a great synergy created when all this persons came together to talk about and churn out techniques of gender budgeting to ensure the benefits of development that reach women as much as men.