Training Programme on "Homestead pond management"

A Training programme on homestead pond management was conducted under the institute project "Gender inclusive homestead aquaculture for enhancing household fish consumption and income" at Dubuduba village, satyabadi block, Puri district on 23rd January, 2018. Around 48 farmers, both men and women, participated in the programme. The training had a icebreaking session and a technical session. In the Icebreaking session, the participants were teamed into pairs where they explained about each other and their hopes and fears about the project. In the technical session, they were made aware about how to maintain the fertility of homestead pond water by applying manure and chemical fertilizers. They were also trained about supplementary feed preparation and methods of feed disbursement. The programme was co-ordinated by D. Tanuja S, Ms. Gayatri Moharana and Dr Sujit Kumar Nayak.