ICAR- CIWA entered into Aspirational district Koraput of Odisha for Technology Demonstration of Tribal Women under Externally Project PRERNA

To reduce the drudgery issues of women’s in paddy, ragi (millet) and vegetables based farm operations, increase their work efficiency and income, ICAR-CIWA organized technology demonstration of farm tools for farm women with collaboration of Pradan on 25 June, 2018 at Gopalput village of Lamtaput Block, in the Aspirational district Koraput of Odisha under the externally funded PRERANA project (by Mahindra & Mahindra) entitled "Empowering Women Farmers through Promotion of Gender Friendly Farm Equipment at ICAR-CIWA. A total of 24 Paraja tribal women from different villages of Lamtaput block, Koraput district had participated. The training was conducted in two sessions. In first session, women friendly tools and equipment were showed to the participants. Assembling of spare parts, repairing and maintenance of tools and record keeping were explained and demonstrated to the participants. The second session was a practical session comprised of demonstration of the farm tools and implements at the farmer's field. The participants were familiarized with the operation, repair and maintenance etc of tools. They also operated the tools in the field and gave their feedback about the tools.