Internship of Students

A three months Internship programme in Fish Processing Technology was conducted for six students of B Tech. Agriculture Engineering from Centurion University of Technology and Management, Paralakhemundi, Ganjam, Odisha from 1st July to 30th September, 2018. The major livelihood option for of women in fisheries is in processing and value addition, especially the dry curing of fishes. During the training programme, the students were given hands on training on the proximate composition and biochemical analysis of dry cured fishes. The techniques imparted in proximate composition analysis were moisture estimation, crude protein estimation, crude fat estimation and ash estimation. The biochemical analysis of dry cured fishes were done through the estimation of Total Volatile Base Nitrogen (TVBN), Trimethyl amine (TMA) and Peroxide Value. Comparison of quality of fishes dried through hygienic drying and traditional drying was also done during the programme. The students prepared various value added fish products like fish cutlet, fish momos and fish pappad. Organoleptic evaluation of the products were also done following the 9 point Hedonic Scale method. In aquaculture, women mostly contribute in fish feed preparation and feeding. With an aim to reduce their difficulty in uniform broadcasting of feed throughout the pond, a design of cylinder of centrifugal fish feeder and cone was made by the students. In order to facilitate the harvest of fishes by women from their homestead ponds, a prototype of lift net operated using pulley was designed. The students, viz.Ms Subhashree Kanhar, Ms Sugyani Gouda, Ms Sonali Nayak, Ms Sanjita Sikdar, Ms Priyanka Kumari, Ms Laccha Hembram successfully completed their internship programme under the guidance of Dr Tanuja S, Scientist (Fish Processing Technology) and Dr Sujit Kumar Nayak (Senior Technical Assistant).