Model Training Course on 'Livelihood Security of Farmwomen through Dairy, Poultry and Fish Production'

A Model Training Course on ''Livelihood Security of Farmwomen through Dairy, Poultry and Fish Production funded by the Directorate of Extension, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers' Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare, Government of India was started on Nov. 01 and continue until 08 Nov. 2018. In the training programme 18 officials from four States are participating. The programme was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Dr L. K. Babu, Prof. and Head of Dept. of Livestock Production and Management, College of Veterinary Science, OUAT, who appreciated the activities undertaken by the scientists of ICAR-CIWA for livelihood improvement of farm women and advised the participants of the training programme to take the available technologies to farmers' door step for the benefit of farm women. Dr A.K. Panda, Pr. Scientist and Course Director of the project welcomed the participants and gave a brief account of the training programme highlighting the role of dairy, poultry and fish production in enhancing the income of farm women. Dr S. K. Srivastava, Director, ICAR-CIWA highlighted the role of farm women in livestock production, identification of constraints and approach to mitigate gender based disparities. He also highlighted various schemes and policies implemented by the government for empowering of farm women. Dr. Anil Kumar, Pr. Scientist and Head, Agricultural Technology for Women emphasized upon scientific breeding, feeding and management of livestock for higher return and urged the participants to implement the scientific technologies at the grass root level. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr Tanuja, S., Scientist and course coordinator of the training programme and the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr B. Sahoo, Pr. Scientist and course coordinator of the programme.