ICAR-CIWA popularised  Micronutrient Arka Mango Special among the tribals of Baskitala Dasheri Mango Producer Group for the improvement of fruit quality of mango

 ICAR-CIWA organized an On-farm Demonstration on application of the micronutrient Arka Mango Special among the tribal farmers of Baskitala Dasheri Mango Producer Group of Bangriposi block of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha on 31st January, 2019 under the institute project "Optimizing technological interventions with gender perspective in small scale mango orchards". Arka Mango Special is a micronutrient formulation developed by ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore. It has a significant role in improving the fruit quality attributes of Mango. While, conducting the demonstration, the women groups were provided hands on training in preparation of micronutrient solution and its mode of application. They were also trained regarding the safety issues to be followed during spraying by use of protective clothing, hand gloves, face mask and goggles. The importance of application of the micronutrient in enhancing the quality of the fruits, its frequency and time of application were also explained to the farming community. The women farmers were also enthusiastically induced in carrying out the spraying operation. During the programme, other women friendly small tools and implements like Khurpi, improved sickle, trowel, hand weeder, seedling uprooter and hand hoe were also demonstrated. The demonstration was attended by 50 farmers and farm women. The programme was successfully organized by Ms. Ankita Sahu, Er. Chaitrali S. Mhatre and Shri Manoranjan Prusty from ICAR-CIWA.