ICAR-CIWA trained the tribal farm women of Baskitala Dasheri Mango Producer Group on planting material production in fruit crops

ICAR-CIWA organized a training cum demonstration programme on "Planting material production of fruit crops" for the tribal farm women of Baskitala Dasheri Mango Producer Group, Bangriposi block, Mayurbhanj district of Odisha on 30 July, 2019 under the institute project "Optimizing technological interventions with gender perspective in small scale mango orchards". The farm families were sensitized about community nursery raising as an alternate source of livelihood. Hands on training were imparted on planting material production of some horticultural crops viz., mango, papaya, cashewnut and pineapple. The techniques of raising a healthy rootstock, forcing treatment of scion and grafting techniques were also imparted to the farming community. In order to popularize some exotic fruit crops in mango orchard, planting materials of dragon fruit were distributed among the farm families. During the programme, women friendly small tools viz., Khurpi, trowel, hand weeder, secateurs, grafting and budding knife, hand sprayer, rose can and accessories like hand gloves and face mask were provided to farm women to ease the farming operations. Need based pesticides and fungicide for pest and disease management of the mango orchards and rainy season vegetables for intercropping in the mango orchards were distributed to fifty women farmers. The demonstration was attended by 57 tribal farmers and farm women of the region. The programme was successfully organized by Dr. J. C. Jeeva, Ms. Ankita Sahu and Er. Subrat Das from ICAR-CIWA.