''Poultry Fair 2020''

''Poultry Fair 2020'' was organized under the project 'Developing gender sensitive model for doubling farmers’ income by addressing gender concerns and technological gaps' at Village Nuasahi in Puri district on 18 January, 2020. Dr. Jyoti Nayak, Principal Scientist briefed about the Fair, and also on health and nutrition of farmwomen and children. Dr. A.K. Panda, Principal Scientist delivered technical talk covering the subjects of housing, feeding, day-to-day management of poultry farm including vaccination, and taking up poultry farming in business mode. He also had interface with farmwomen and obtained their feedback on CIWA's technological interventions. Many farm women shared their success stories of poultry rearing and other technology adoption.
About 50 farm women who received the training earlier on improved poultry rearing practices on entrepreneurship mode for additional income generation, participated in the Fair, and displayed the birds. During earlier programmes, poultry chicks, feed, medicines for disease management and other infrastructural materials for poultry housing had been distributed to the participants. The poultry birds had attained an average body weight of 2 kgs at 12 weeks of age, and most of the women had sold male birds, earning an income of Rs. 5000/- from selling about 20 birds. On this occasion, awareness was created about the nutritional significance of egg consumption among farmwomen and children by distributing boiled eggs to them.