ICAR-CIWA arranged invited lecture on important Constitutional amendments and its significance

ICAR-CIWA is celebrating Constitution Day and Citizens’ Duties Campaign with effect from 26th November 2019 to 26th November 2020. As a part of the celebration, an invited lecture on Important Constitutional amendments and its significance was arranged for the benefit of the staff of ICAR-CIWA on 20th February 2020. Dr S.K.Srivastava, Director ICAR-CIWA welcomed the resource person and in his address to the gathering he stressed about the need for awareness creation about the Constitution of India. Prof. Y.P.Singh, Professor of Law and Registrar of the National Law University Odisha (NLUO), Cuttack delivered the lecture in a very lucid and inspiring way. He initiated the presentation with the history of Indian Constitution and explained about the fundamental rights, directive principles, various important amendments made in the constitution, the circumstances in which the amendments were made etc. He also replied to the various queries made by the participating staff of ICAR-CIWA. He concluded the lecture with the fundamental duties of the Indian citizen by citing various examples. The lecture was appreciated by the participants. A formal vote of thanks was proposed by Shri Atul C. Hemrom, Senior Technical Assistant. The Scientific, Technical, Supporting, Administrative staff and RA’s, SRF’s and field assistants of ICAR-CIWA participated in the programme. The programme was co ordinated by Dr Tanuja S, Scientist & Nodal Officer, Constitution Day and Citizens Duties’ Campaign, Shri B.C.Sahu, Technical Officer and Shri. Atul C. Hemrom, Senior Technical Assistant.