HRD Webinar on ''Effective Health Management for Enhancing Work Efficiency of Employees''

A Webinar on ''Effective Health Management for Enhancing Work Efficiency of Employees'' was organized by ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture (ICAR-CIWA), Bhubaneswar on 20 November, 2020. The event was organized as suggested by the HRM Unit of ICAR. The Chief Guest of the programme, Dr. P.S. Pandey, ADG (EP&HS), ICAR, New Delhi delivered the Key Note Address on this occasion. He very much appreciated the title of the programme itself, every word of this title, coined by the HRM Unit of ICAR, which signifies the need of hour in the present pandemic scenario. He also highlighted about the role of yoga in maintaining good health and its penetration in our daily life. In his opening remarks, Dr. S.K. Srivastava, Director, ICAR-CIWA briefed about the mandatory Covid SOP advisories of the Government of India and its strict compliance. He also offered salutations to the Covid Warriors including the Resource Persons from the medical field of this webinar.

Now-a-days our country and even the entire world is facing the problem of COVID-19 pandemic for over eight months and we have to contain the spreading of the corona virus by taking preventing measures as per the guidelines released by Government of India and to work more online using the facilities of video conferencing, virtual webinars, etc. Keeping this in view to contain the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic and maintain the work efficiency of employees, this online training programme on “Effective Health Management for Enhancing Work Efficiency of Employees” for all the categories of employees was organised with the objective to acquaint the participants to manage health so as to discharge duties more effectively and efficiently in this pandemic situation.

Eminent Resource Persons shared their wisdom during the webinar covering the following aspects of health management.

Resource Person


Dr. Arunangshu Debnath
Former Chief Medical Officer
ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad

Physical Health Management for Enhancing Work Efficiency during Covid Pandemic

Dr. S. K. Srivastava
Director, ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar

Immunity Building to Tackle the Pandemic- Experience Sharing

Dr. A. K. Panda
Pr. Scientist, ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar

Food and Nutrition for Sound Health

Dr. Soumya Ranjan Dash
Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
IMS & SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar

Managing Stress during Covid Pandemic

Dr. Trishna Devarajan
Medical Director
Yoga Wellness Clinic, Trivandrum

Naturopathy for Prevention of Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases during Pandemic


All the Staff members including Scientific, Technical and Administrative cadres of ICAR-CIWA and Scientists form AICRP on Home Science Centres from 12 States participated in the programme.

The programme was coordinated by Dr. J. Charles Jeeva, Pr. Scientist & HRD Nodal Officer, Dr. Tanuja, Scientist & HRD Co-Nodal Officer and Dr. Ananta Sarkar, Senior Scientist from ICAR-CIWA.