Under the MoU between ICAR-CIWA and Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM), Paralekhmundi, Ganjam Odisha, 2 students of Bachelor of Fisheries Science (BFSc) were nominated to undergo a 10 weeks Internship programme at ICAR-CIWA from 26th October 2020 to 2nd January 2021. In the beginning of the internship programme, the students were made aware of the pandemic situation and the SOP to be followed during the internship programme, i.e. (wearing of masks, social distancing, frequent washing and sanitizing hands, abstaining from attending the work if falling sick, disinfecting the working platforms and equipments). The students were given hands on training on preparation of value added products like fish pickle, fish cutlet and fish pappad. They were also trained on the proximate and quality analysis of the value added products. The various biochemical techniques used were estimation of moisture, protein, fat and ash content, TVBN, Peroxide Value, Free Fatty acid, etc. Fish silage based organic manure was also prepared by the students as a part of the internship programme. The students were also trained on the scientific aquaculture management practices like water quality management and feed formulation. They actively took part in the stocking and maintenance of aquaculture demonstration unit and ornamental fish demonstration unit in ICAR-CIWA. Designing and development of a low cost filtration unit for the ornamental fish demonstration unit and Aquaponics unit was done by the students. The low cost filtration unit can be used by rural women engaged in backyard ornamental fish production to maintain the water quality. The aquaponics unit has the concept of growing fish and vegetables simultaneously wherein the water from fish tank along with the nutrients present in it will be used to water the vegetables grown. The low cost aquaponics unit could be used by urban women farmers for growing fish and vegetables in the roof tops of their houses to supplement their family nutrition. The students who completed internship in Fish Processing Technology were guided/mentored by Dr Tanuja S, Scientist (Fish Processing Technology).They were given e-Cerificates and a revenue of Rs 20000/- was earned by ICAR-CIWA by imparting the internship programme.