DDG (Agrl. Edu.), Dr. R.C Agrawal Inaugurated the Celebration of 26th Foundation day of ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar

Hon’ble DDG (Agrl.Edn.) Dr. R.C Agrawal was the Chief Guest. He congratulated the staff of ICAR-CIWA and insisted to be more matured in performing research activities, as ICAR-CIWA is a unique institute, hence shoulders immense responsibilities towards stake holders. He also released various publications viz. “Development of Gender Sensitive Entrepreneurship model through Institute-Industry-Stakeholders linkage in Convergence Mode”, “Women Empowerment and Gender Sensitization- Developing a Model for Bridging Gender Gap” and “A Potential Livelihood Option for Rural Women of Odisha” etc on this occasion. He emphasized on organizing national, international workshops in future and suggested for conducting regular collaborative meeting with AICRP on Home Science, stakeholders for further excellence of the institute. He also advised to maintain a healthy atmosphere just like a family at workplace.
The Institute celebrated its 26th Foundation Day on 17th February, 2021. ICAR- Central Institute for Women in Agriculture (ICAR-CIWA) is the first of its kind in the world that is exclusively devoted to gender related research in agriculture. Since its inception ICAR-CIWA has been striving for gender mainstreaming and women empowerment in agriculture to realize enhanced productivity and sustainability of agriculture. As we all know the year 2020 will most, likely be recalled for global pandemic, overshadowing the ingenuity and resilience that the humanity has demonstrated during huge challenging times. By looking into the present situation, the institute celebrated its 26th Foundation Day on 17th February 2021 through virtual platform.
Hon’ble ADG (EP&HS) Dr. P. S. Pandey appreciated the foundation day lecture delivered by Dr. Vinita Sharma, and pointed out that it will definitely prove to be a way forward for the institute through various opportunities by considering the nutritional aspects at the fore front. He praised the achievement of the institute cited by the Director ICAR-CIWA, but advised that though foundation day is definitely a celebration of your achievements, the institute also needs to invite previous employees, entrepreneurs and award winning farm women, which will create a proud moment for everyone. He suggested that by looking into the past achievements, the institute needs to formulate a roadmap for achieving its future targets.
The foundation day lecture was delivered by, Dr. Vinita Sharma, Former Advisor & Head Science for Equity, DST, Govt. of India; Former Chairperson, RAC, ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar on “Gender Sensitization for nutrition sensitive agriculture”. At the opening remarks of her lecture she pointed out the pro and cons of the impact of malnutrition, especially for infant and neonatal mortality. She put forth, inspite of inequality and socio-economic disadvantages, rural poor women have to bear the double burden of earning a daily income and providing food and nutritional security to the family, at whatever level it may be possible. Several socio-economic study on household consumption pattern and distributive equity of food within family have revealed that whenever the food supply is inadequate for the reason of low access, unavailability and lack of awareness, the lack of intake of micronutrients in their dietary pattern, the most affected being the women and the children. So she advised that it requires collaboration across the sectors of agriculture, nutrition and health. Besides she narrated the importance of SDG 2, 3 & 5 for ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition status and promoting sustainable agriculture, thus ensuring well-being for all at all ages and achieving gender equality. Lastly she emphasized the role public distribution system by creating awareness, access and affordability.
Director of the Institute, Dr. S. K. Srivastava welcomed all the dignitaries and participants those who had joined from various parts of India. In his welcome address, he highlighted the numerous achievements of the institute for the year 2020-21 and emphasized the contribution of ICAR-CIWA towards the empowerment of women and enhancement of economic and nutritional security of farm families through its extensive research and extension activities.
The invited guest, Dr. M. P. S. Arya, Former Director ICAR-CIWA, in his speech cited the importance of organic farming and indigenous practices for the sustainability of agriculture.
Besides, farm women from various adopted villages shared their experiences regarding the overall benefits they achieved through the collaboration with ICAR-CIWA.
Director, ICAR-CIWA felicitated to Dr. M. P. S. Arya, Former Director ICAR-CIWA along with the cleaning and maintenance staff of ICAR-CIWA for their continuous service during the Covid-19 pandemic. The formal vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Jyoti Nayak, Principal Scientist and Nodal Officer Foundation day ICAR-CIWA