Pre-Kharif Rice Workshop & Skill Upgradation Programme on Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation

A one day Workshop on "Pre-Kharif Rice Workshop & Skill Upgradation Programme on Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation" under ICAR-NASF project was organized by ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar on 27 March, 2021 in Sankilo village of Nischintakoili block, Cuttack district, Odisha. The Workshop was attended by 70 participants including scientists of ICAR-CIWA, farm women, representatives from mass media like Doordarshan, DD-Krishi Darshan, Retd. District Agriculture Officer and Secretary of Nigam, NGO.
At the outset Dr. Lipi Das Principal Scientist & Project Investigator welcomed all participants and described about objectives of the project i.e., to empower the farm women based on the identified gender gap on social, health and nutrition, environmental, economical and technological aspects. She also stressed upon 3E's concept for women that is equity, entrepreneurship and empowerment. She briefed up about the importance of rice cultivation, preparation of value added products from rice and mushroom cultivation in Gender Sensitive Farming System Model for addressing Livelihood, Nutrition and Entrepreneurship of farm women.
Dr. S.K. Mishra, Principal Scientist ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack described about the improved package of practices of rice cultivation in which he highlighted the importance of seed treatment, cultivation of climate smart varieties and protein rich varieties of rice for both livelihood security and nutrition enrichment of farm women. Dr. P. Jakhar, Senior Scientist highlighted about improved package of practices of rice cultivation and also discussed about the use of straw from rice cultivation in paddy straw mushroom cultivation for entrepreneurship development of farm women. Also the improved package of practices of vegetable cultivation was discussed by Dr. Ankita Sahu, Scientist talked about livelihood enhancement of farm women by adopting proper scientific guidelines for vegetable cultivation to get maximum benefits. Dr. Biswanath Sahoo explained about livelihood security and economic empowerment of women farmers through dairy farming and focussed about the necessity of giving proper vaccination and nutrient rich cattle feed for enhancing productivity of dairy animals. Mr. Suresh Ch. Jena, Retd. District Agriculture officer also discussed various aspects for livelihood security of farm women. During this programme various technologies intervened under three modules were exhibited and also a brochure on ‘women empowerment and gender sensitization- developing a model for bridging the gender gap’ was also released.
The workshop was followed by demonstration of paddy straw mushroom cultivation and distribution of improved varieties of vegetable seeds and mushroom spawn, improved sickle, pesticides, fungicides, mineral mixture etc. among farm women.The programme was thoroughly covered by the Doordarshan, DD-Krishi Darshan for wide publicity. At the end of the workshop, Rabi Sankar Panda, SRF of the project offered vote of thanks to all scientists, media personnel, officials from line departments and participating farm women.