Awareness generation programme and on-farm demonstration of women friendly tools

ICAR- Central Institute for Women in Agriculture (ICAR-CIWA), Bhubaneswar celebrated Bharat Ka Amritmohotsav on 2ND August, 2021 by conducting awareness generation programme and on-farm demonstration of women friendly tools. Awareness was generated for use of women friendly tools to reduce the drudgery of farm women during various farm operations. Tools like 8 row paddy marker, sugarcane stripper, sun flower seed extractor, cono-weeder, mandwa weeder, dry land weeder, 2 row direct paddy seeder, power operated cleaners, thresher, power operated paddy thresher cum winnower, pedal operated paddy thresher were showcased to the farm women. Demonstration of power weeder was also given to the farm women under the AICRP on ESA FLD program. The interested farm women were also given training of how to operated the power weeder. On this occasion women friendly tools were distributed to 34 SC beneficiaries under the SCSP scheme. The program was conducted by keeping in view the Covid guidelines. The successful organization of the Bharat Ka Amritmohotsav was done by the following members, Dr. A. K. Panda, Er. Chaitrali Mhatre & Er. Pragati Rout.