ICAR-CIWA Celebrates Fit India Freedom Run 2.0

Fitness is an integral part of a healthy life. In today’s hectic world where people are busy ensuring financial stability, very less attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle. But a healthy body will lead to a stable mind, which in turn will lead to happy life. Especially, in the current scenario of a Pandemic there was a need to bring back the old ways of daily exercise, walk and run in to our daily lives. Thus, Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 was launched by Honourable Prime Minister with a view to make fitness an integral part of our daily lives. The mission of the Movement is to bring about behavioral changes and move towards a more physically active lifestyle. Towards achieving this mission, Fit India proposes to undertake various initiatives and conduct events to promote fitness as easy, fun and free; to spread awareness on fitness; to encourage indigenous sports etc.
ICAR-CIWA also participated in the Fit India Freedom Run 2.0. The staff of ICAR-CIWA was introduced to the Freedom run and was made aware to the importance of the fitness in to their daily life. The staff was encouraged to include at least 30 minutes of walk, run yoga or exercise to the daily schedule. Thus following the mantra given by Honourable Prime Minister “Fitness ki dose adha ghanta roj”. The Staff of ICAR-CIWA participated in the campaign through virtual mode (keeping in mind the restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic) by exercise, yoga, walk and run. ICAR-CIWA also promoted the event Trough its official website and other social media platforms. The family members and friends of the staff also encouraged and involved in the Fitness activities.