Demonstration programme on establishment of homestead nutrition garden

A demonstration programme on establishment of homestead nutrition garden was organized on 11th November 2022 at Sriramchandrapur village, Puri District under the NICRA CGC funded project on ‘Gender responsive Integrated Homestead Aqua-horticulture (GRIHA): a Sustainable Climate Resilient Approach towards Livelihood Diversification’. The programme was attended by 35 farmers including both men and women. During the programme, the farmers were made aware about the importance of homestead nutrition garden in enhancing the nutritional security of the family. The farmers were detailed about the design and layout of nutrition garden of size 150m2. Dr Tania Seth, Scientist and Co-PI of the project demonstrated the plant protection measures like yellow sticky trap and pheromone trap and urged the farmers to not to resort to application of pesticides and insecticides. She also demonstrated the raising of seedlings in protrays. Since the village is prone to heavy rain and floods, they were advised to raise vegetable seedlings in protrays. Dr Tanuja S, Senior Scientist and PI of the project explained about the benefits of integration of aquaculture with vegetable farming. She demonstrated the testing of pond water for pH and alkalinity. The farmers were made aware of the required pH and alkalinity of pond water. They were also advised to apply lime to pond water to raise the alkalinity. The scientific method of application of feed so as to prevent wastage of feed and eutrophication was explained to the farmers. The farmers were also provided with protrays, cocopith and vegetable seeds for growing vegetables in the rabi season. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr Tanuja, S., Senior Scientist & PI of the project and Dr Tania Seth, Scientist & Co-PI of the project.