Farmers-Scientists Interface meeting for Development of Horticulture (Fruits)-based Organic Farming Model

A Farmers-Scientists Interface meeting was organized at Champapedi village in Ranapur block of Nayagarh district on 16 August 2023 for Development of Horticulture (Fruits)-based Organic Farming Model for Farm Women. The interface meeting was organized to create awareness among the farm women about the importance of organic farming and to make them responsive about the income earning opportunities through sustainable organic farming models. The women group was sensitized about the significance of organic farming in achieving self-sufficiency and sustainability in agricultural production through organic approaches. The cropping pattern of the village along with the potential horticultural crops of the region viz., papaya, mango, tomato, cauliflower, cucurbits was discussed along with their cultural practices pertaining to nutrient management, pest and disease management. The meeting was attended by 55 farm women of Champapedi village. While interaction, the issues, constraints and needs of farm women in organic farming were identified and the women group was encouraged for formation of Farmers-Interest group to establish a ‘Bio-resource production unit’ at their village. The market opportunities were also explored in the region and ‘Gopalpur FPC’ was identified as a potential stakeholder to provide the initial marketing support to the women group to sell the bio-inputs of their bio-resource production unit. The interface meeting was also attended by Mr. Ratnakar Nishanka, CEO of Gopalpur FPC, who expressed his interest in supporting the marketing requisite of the bio-inputs produced by the women group. The meeting was successfully organized by Dr. Ankita Sahu, Scientist & PI, Dr. L.P. Sahoo, Senior Scientist & Co-PI and Mr. M.R. Prusty, Senior Technical Officer.