ICAR-CIWA, Bhubaneswar organized a Brainstorming Workshop on “Promoting organic farming among women farmers for sustainable development of Agriculture”

Organic farming plays an important role in promoting environmental sustainability and improving livelihoods of rural communities. Farm women play a significant and multifaceted role in organic farming, contributing to its success and sustainability in various ways. A one-day brainstorming workshop on “Promoting organic farming among women farmers for sustainable development of Agriculture” was organized at Sodhua Balipatna block of Khordha district of Odisha on 4 Oct 2023. The workshop was graced by several stakeholders viz., CIWA Scientists; Officials from TANAGER, India - Dr A.K. Das, Mrs. Sujanita Mohapatra, Mr. Rajnikant Mohaptra; Mrs. Soumyashree Moharana, Assistant Horticulture Officer, Balipatna and Mr. Kedareswar, DSS secretary. Additionally the CEO of Farmers Producer Companies such as Kusabhadra, Mr. Kartika Ch. Mallick and Tasty Veg FPC, Mrs. Annapurna Maharana also attended the workshop. On this occasion, two Farm women’s Interest Groups (FIG) named as ‘Dhanahara Organics’ and ‘Sodhua Organics’ were launched for the purpose of producing the organic bio-inputs and mobilizing the village community for massive adoption of organic crop management practices. The workshop constituted a component of Institute’s major activities for developing horticulture based organic farming models for entrepreneurship and strengthening self-reliance among farm women. During the workshop deliberations were made by all Guests expert and a road map was prepared to mainstream the farm women in production and marketing of vermicompost and other bio-formulations such as Panchagavya, Jeevamrut, Handikhata and Beejamrut. The workshop also helped in formulating the approaches for addressing the needs and challenges of farm women in organic farming. A strategic plan was developed to promote entrepreneurship of women groups in organic farming through establishment of Bio-resource production units in their villages. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Lipi Das, Pr. Scientist, Dr. L.P. Sahoo, Sr. Scientist and Dr. Ankita Sahu, Scientist.