ICAR-CIWA organized Scientist-Stakeholder Interface for Gender mainstreaming of Govt. schemes in Animal Husbandry sector at Salebhata, Kalahandi

A Scientist-Stakeholder Interface was organized on awareness development and gender sensitization for enhancing women's access to various govt. schemes and technical knowhow in Animal husbandry sector under the project "Gender Mainstreaming through Govt. Schemes in Animal Husbandry sector for Empowering Farm Women" at Salebhata, Kalahandi on 5th October 2023 in association with Manikastu Agro Pvt. Ltd and Kalinga Bharati Foundation (NGO). The Chief Guest of the programme, Dr Hemant Kumar Pradhan, Chief District Veterinary Officer, Kalahandi appreciated the activities undertaken by ICAR-CIWA and other associated agencies. He urged the farmers to avail various ongoing schemes in animal husbandry especially in goatery, poultry, fodder cultivation etc. Dr Biswanath Sahoo, Pr. Scientist, ICAR-CIWA discussed the problems and solutions and explained the benefits of availing schemes by the women farmers especially the SC & ST community involved in goat and poultry farming for their livelihood support and enhancing socio economic status. Dr Kedarnath Khamari, District training coordinator of Animal Husbandry, Kalahandi advised the farmers to ensure vaccination of livestock against viral diseases mainly PPR, Haemmorrhagic septicemia, FMD, Enterotoxaemia etc. in goats. Dr Amitav Panda, Sr. Scientist & Head, KVK, Kalahandi coordinated the field visits and informed various activities undertaken in the remote area of Kalahandi. Smt. Jayanti Mahapatra, Managing Director of Goat keepers association "Manikstu", Kalahandi and Sh. Biswabandhu Padhi shared the success stories of goatery to motivate the farmers to work in entrepreneurship mode. Various women friendly livestock technologies like feeding balanced ration, fodder cultivation and conservation, silage preparation, goat manure preparation with value addition were demonstrated to women farmers in the SC& ST farming community. At the end various activities of FPO, 'Samrudha' associated with the upliftment of farm women were reviewed by the dignitaries. The programme was coordinated by Dr Biswanath Sahoo, Pr. Scientist ICAR-CIWA.