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Name of Centre: University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore, Karnataka
Name of Component: Food & Nutrition
Dr. K. Geetha
Professor (Food and Nutrition)
& Unit Coordinator
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Experience: 29  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DHome Science2002Bangalore University, Karnataka
M.ScFood and Nutrition1985Mysore University, Karnataka
Research Areas
Community Nutrition Clinical Nutrition Food Science
           Total Number of Research Articles:25
Significant Research Articles
  1. Hiremath, N., Geetha, K. , Vikram, S. R. and Reddy, Y. A. Nanja, . 2017. Effect of Household Germination on Phytic Acid and Iron in Finger Millet [Eleusine coracana . International Journal of Pure and Applied Bioscience05(05): 958-963
  2. Hiremath, N., Geetha K., Vikram S.R., Y.A. Nanja, Joshi N. and Shivaleela H. B. 2017. Minerals content in finger millet [Eleusinecoracana (L.) Gaertn]: A future grain for Nutritional security. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences07(01): 3448-3455
  3. Geetha K., Hulamani S. and Shivaleela H. B. 2017. Impact of Nutrition Education & Communication on Dietary intake and Hemoglobin level of anemic adolescent school girls (age 13-16yrs) . International journal of Pure and applied bio Science05(06): 97-103
  4. Geetha K., Shivaleela H. B and Hulamani, S. 2017. Effect of cooking on total antioxidants activity, polyphenols and flavonoid content in commonly consumed vegetable. . International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences (IJCMAS) 38(01): 1459-1466
  5. Suchi Chand, P.R. and Geetha, K. 2014. Dietary intake and noncommunicable disorders among rural women a comparative study. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences49(03): 523-530
  6. Vijayalakshmi, D., Geetha, K., Jayarame Gowda, Bala, S., Padulosi R.S. and Bhog Mal. 2010. Empowerment of Women farmers through Value Addition on minor millets Genetic Resources. A case study in Karnataka. Indian journal of Plant Resource02(01): 132-135
  7. Geetha K. and B.N. Manjunatha. 2009. Nutritional Status of School Children (9-15years) from Bangalore Rural and Urban Districts. Mysore Journal of Agricultural. Science43(02): 309-316
  8. Hiremath, N., Geetha K. 2015. Micronutrient and phytic acid variability in Finger millet (Eleusine coracana) Germplasm. Mysore Journal of Agricultural. Science50(02): 331-334
  9. V.B. Asha., K. Geetha, Sheela and G.N.Dhanpal. 2005. Nutritional composition of sorghum and moth bean incorporated traditional receipes. Journal of Human ecology17(01): 201-203
  10. Geetha, K, Mushthari Begum. 2006. Energy intake and energy expenditure of prisoners involved in different work sheds. Journal of Human ecology19(02): 113-115
Any other Relevent Information
Projects as Principle Investigator 1. Nutrient bio availability - finger millet- Indo-Swiss Project funded through DBT 2. Nutritional Awareness among Rural Population for Better Nutrition Scenario USAID-ALO 3. Urbanization effects on consumption pattern, dietary diversification and human nutritional Status in Bangalore”, Indo-German, through DBT As Co-Investigator: 1. Value addition to millets under center of excellence for millets.GOI 2. Promotion of Self Sustained Bio-intensive Nutri garden for Nutrition Security—Funded by GOK 3. Empowering the rural poor by strengthening their identity, income opportunities and Nutritional security through the improved use and marketing of neglected and underutilized Species- Swaminathan foundation 4. Revalorizing small millet in rain fed regions of south Asia, IDRC,Dhan foundation 5. Dietary intervention to manage menopausal symptoms –A nutritional and clinical study 6. Integrated Farming System Approach—GOK