AICRP on Home Science
Name of Centre: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Madurai (TNAU), Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Name of Component: Family Resource Management
Dr. Parimalam
Senior Scientist (Family Resource Management )
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Experience: 22  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DHome Science2004Gandhigram Rural University
Research Areas
  1. Best Researcher Award
           Total Number of Research Articles:20
Significant Research Articles
  1. Parimalam, P. N. Kamalamma and A. K. Ganguli. 2007. Knowledge,attitude and practices related to occupational health problems among garment workers in Tamil Nadu, India. Journal of Occupational HealthVol 49, : .528-534
  2. A.K. Ganguli., P. Parimalam and K. Balakamakshi. 2009. Preliminary investigations into the impact of an ergonomics intervention for garment workers. Ergonomics SA, Journal of Ergonomics Society of South AfricaVol. 21(2),: 30-40.
  3. Parimalam, P., M.R.Premalatha D.S. Padmini and A.K. Ganguli. 2012. “Participatory ergonomics in redesigning a dyeing tub for fabric dyers”,. Work- A Journal of Prevention, assessment & rehabilitation,Vol 43(4),: 453 – 458.
  4. T. Amaravathi., P. Parimalam, M.R. Premalatha, G. Hemalatha and A.K. Ganguli. 2016. Lung function test of women employed in Seafood Processing Unit. World Journal of Life Science and Medical Research
  5. Amaravathi, T., Parimalam,, P Premalatha, M.R., Hemalatha, G. &A.K. Ganguli. 2016. Health Hazard of women employed in small scale seafood processing units. Indian Journal of Geo – Marine Sciences. Indian Journal of Geo – Marine Sciences,Vol. 45(4):: 574-580.