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Name of Centre: Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, Punjab
Name of Component: Food & Nutrition
Dr. Neerja Singla
Assistant Scientist (Food and Nutrition)
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Experience: 14  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DFood and Nutrition1992Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
M.ScFood and Nutrition1989Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
Research Areas
Community Nutrition;Nutritional evaluation;Food Product development
Previous Experience
KVK, FerozpurAssistant Professor04-07-200503-01-2013
Punjab Agricultural University, LudhianaAssistant Scientist04-01-2013
           Total Number of Research Articles:25
Significant Research Articles
  1. Neerja Rani; Charanjeet K. Hira. 1993. Effect of various treatments on nutritional quality of faba beans (Vicia faba). Journal of Food Science and Technology30(6): 413-416
  2. Neerja Rani; Charanjeet K. Hira. 1998. Effect of different treatments on chemical constituents of mash beans (Vigna mungo). Journal of Food Science and Technology35(6): 540-542
  3. Sadana B; Hira C K; Singla N; Grewal H. 2006. Nutritional evaluation of rice bean (Vigna umbellata) strains. Journal of Food Science and Technology43(5): 516-518
  4. Rohini Jain; Neerja Singla. 2016. Formulation and nutritional evaluation of food products supplemented with niger seeds. Nutrition and Food Science46(4): 604-614
  5. Neerja Singla; Priya Singla; Rohini Jain. 2017. Anthropometric profile of rural Punjabi women as influenced by their dietary and nutrient intake. Applied Biological Research19(3): 299-306
  6. Gopika Puri; Balwinder Sadana; Neerja Singla. 2017. Development and sensory evaluation of beverages having high antioxidant activity. International Journal of Current Microbiological and Applied Science6(11): 2253-2259