AICRP on Home Science
Name of Centre: Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology (MPUA&T), Udaipur, Rajasthan
Name of Component: Home Science Extension
Dr. Vishakha Bansal
Professor (Extension Education and Communication Management)
& Technical Coordinator
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Experience: 24  Years
Educational Qualification
Research Areas
Extension Education
Previous Experience
Krishi Vigyan Kendra Jhalawar Assistant Professor08-05-199602-12-2006
Krishi Vigyan Kendra Jhalawar Associate Professor03-12-200601-12-2012
College of Home Science, UdaipurProfessor02-12-2012
  1. Excellence in Research(2019)
  2. District collector award for women SHGs (2004)
  3. University award for best services (2007)
  4. District collector award for for entrepreneurship development among women SHGs (2007)
  5. Appreciation award from khadi gramodhyog, Jaipur(2008)
  6. Awarded for SHG linkages to bank and credited loan of rs. 1 crore (2008)
           Total Number of Research Articles:40
Significant Research Articles
  1. Vishakha Bansal and Vandana Joshi . 2018. Availability and Accessibility to Different ICTs hardware of Farm Women Knowledge Groups . International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 7(9): 940-943
  2. Vishakha Bansal, Vandana Joshi and Subhash Meena . 2017. EXTENT OF CHANGE IN EMPOWERMENT STATUS OF SHG MEMBERS OF RAJASTHAN. Progressive Research – An International Journal 12(3): 404-405
  3. Vishakha Bansal, Purva Dayya and Vandana Joshi . 2019. PROBLEM FACED BY FARM WOMEN KNOWLEDGE GROUPS WHILE USING ICT TOOLS . Progressive Research – An International Journal 14(1): 79-80
  4. Vishakha Bansal, Vandana Joshi, Purva Dayya and Subhash Meena. 2017. A STUDY ON PRO FILE OF SELF HELP GROUPS OF RAJSAMAND DIS TRICT .  Progressive Research – An International Journal 12(3): 2379-2382
  5. Dr. Vishakha Bansal and Ms. Vandana Joshi. 2018. PROFILE CHARACTERISTICS OF FARM WOMEN KNOWLEDGE GROUPS (FWKGS). International Journal of Science, Environment 7(9): 1532-1537
  6. Dr. Vishakha Bansal, Ms. Vandana Joshi, Purva Dayya and Dr. Subhash Meena . 2017. PROFILE OF SELF HELP GROUPS AND THEIR GROWTH PATTERN OF UDAIPUR AND JHALAWAR DISTRICTS . International Journal of Science, Environment 6(1): 877-884
  7. Dr. Vishakha Bansal, Ms. Vandana Joshi and Dr. Subhash Meena . 2017. PSYCHO-SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND LEGAL – POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT STATUS OF SHG MEMBERS OF RAJASTHAN STATE . International Journal of Science, Environment 6(3): 2100-2106
  8. Dr. Vishakha Bansal, Ms. Vandana Joshi, Purva Dayya and Dr. Subhash Meena . 2016. RELATIONSHIP OF PERSONAL AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE OF THE SHG MEMBERS WITH THEIR STATUS . International Journal of Science, Environment5(6): 4388 – 4395
  9. VISHAKHA BANSAL, VANDANA JOSHI, PURVA DAYYA AND SUBHASH MEENA2. 2017. Self-help groups in empowering women: A study in Udaipur and Jhalawar districts of Rajasthan. International Journal of Home Science Extension and communication Management 4(1): 57-60
  10. Vishakha Bansal1, Vandana Joshi, Purva Dayya and Subhash Meena . 2017. USE OF TRAININGS AND LOAN BY SHG MEMBER IN RAJASTHAN STATE . Progressive Research – An International Journal 12(1): 36-38