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Name of Centre: Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology (GBPUA&T), Pantnagar, Uttarakhand
Name of Component: Family Resource Management
Dr. Seema Kwatra
Professor (Family Resource Management)
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Experience: 22  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DFamily Resource Management 2002PAU, Ludhiana
Research Areas
Ergonomics; Consumer studies; housing
  1. 1. Best Paper Award for Oral presentation on paper entitled “Work Station Designing for reduction of occupational Health Hazards of workers engaged in weaving enterprise in 30th National Convention of Agricultural Engineers & National Seminar on “Technological Innovation for enhancing profitability of small & Marginal Farms” from Feb. 27-28, 2017 at GBPUA&T, Pantnagar Presented by Dr. Deepa Vinay, Dr. Seema Kwatra , Dr. Suneeta Sharma & Dr. Kumkum Pandey. 2. Second Runner –Up Award for poster Presentation on paper entitled “Impact of Drudgery Reducing Technology for Hill Women in Rice Production system “Hill Agriculture in perspective. HAP-2016. Presented by Dr. Deepa Vinay, Dr. Seema Kwatra & Dr. Suneeta Sharma 3. Dr. Seema Kwatra conferred with Eminent Scientist Award by Samagra Vikas Welfare Society, Lucknow for outstanding performance in the field of Agriculture on the occasion of International Symposium on Peri-Urban Agriculture for imparting livelihood opportunity from 25-26 Nov. 2014
           Total Number of Research Articles:42
Significant Research Articles
  1. Dr. Deepa Vinay*, Dr. Seema Kwatra & Dr. Suneeta Shrama . 2019. Water bag: A Device to Avoid Head and Hand Load of Hill Women. Pantnagar Journal of ResearchVol. 17 (2), (May-August): 181-187
  2. Naz Heena, Kwatra Seema and Ojha Pragya . 2016. Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among handloom weavers of Uttarakhand: An ergonomic study. Journal of Applied and Natural Science7(1) (March ): 102-105
  3. Tiwari Sonia, Kwatra Seema and Tripathi Neha . 2016. Functional fitness: A key to independent and active riving in later age. Journal of Applied & Natural Science8(2): 711-714
  4. Pragya Ojha and Seema Kwatra . 2016. Department of MSD among the farm women involved in traditional & mechanized method at rice cultivation of Northern India. Indian Journal of Traditional knowledge15(1)(January): 162-166
  5. Pragya Ojha and Seema Kwatra . 2015. Assessment of Postural Discomfort and Physiological Workload of farm workers of northern India. Ecology, Environment and Conservation21(3) : 269-273
  6. 10. Neha Tripathi, Seema Kwatra and Nirmal kaur . 2014. Warning symbols on child care products: a safety measure. International journal of basic and applied agricultural researchvol.12 (2) : 282-287
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