AICRP on Home Science
Name of Centre: University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad, Karnataka
Name of Component: Clothing & Textile
Senior Scientist (Clothing and textile)
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Experience: 15  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DClothing and Textile2004University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad
Research Areas
Designing and Development of Eco friendly Textiles;Aroma Textiles; Micro encapsulation using natural herbs; Natural dyeing; Extraction and utilization of agrobased fibres for technical textiles;Ecofriendly wet processing and functional finishes.
Previous Experience
Maharanis Science College of Women, GOK, MysoreAssistant Professor25-08-200406-04-2006
  1. Honourable mention Awards “ under the Best Faculty Category-6th Science & Technology Awards-2017, Mumbai, India
  2. Mid Career Award-In 32 Biennial Conference of Home Science Association of India held during 1-3 February, 2018
  3. Best Research Paper Award -International Scientific and Experimental Development WASET, France
  4. Best Oral Presentation Award in the National Conference on Advanced Research Methodologies in Social Sciences (ARMSS 2019) held during 26-28 February 2019 organized UASD
  5. Best Oral and poster Presentation Award- National Conference on Horticulture for sustainability and Nutritional Security, USH, Bhagalkote
  6. Best oral presentation - 33 Biennial Conference on HSAI Jan 2020.
           Total Number of Research Articles:40
Significant Research Articles
  1. K.J. Sannapapamma, H. Malligawad Lokanath, Sakkena Naikwadi and Dilshad Jamadar. 2019. Antimocrobial and Aroma finishing of Organic Cotton Knits Using Natural Colourants an Palmarose Oil Microcapsules . Flavor and Fragrance Journal 35(1): 1-11
  2. Dilshad, J.; Sannapapamma, K.J.. 2018. GCMS analysis and colour fastness properties of silk yarn dyed with Acacia nilotica pods. . The Pharma Innovation Journal7(8): 474-479.
  3. Dilshad, J., Sannapapamma, K.J.,Kasturiba, B.. 2018. Influence of Dyeing Conditions on Colour Strength and Colour Co- Ordinates of Silk Yarn Dyed with Acacia nilotica Pods. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 7(8): 4756-4769
  4. Sakeena, N., Sannapapamma, K.J.,. 2018. Effect of treatment and method of application on mechanical properties of Vetiver finished organic cotton fabrics,. Journal of Farm Science31(2): 183-187.
  5. K.J. Sannapapamma, H. Malligawad Lokanath, Sakeena Naikwadi. 2018. Antimocrobial and Aroma finishing of Organic Cotton Knits Using Vetiver Oil Microcapsules for Health care Textiles . International Journal of Materials and Textile Engineering 12(2):  63-72.
  6. Sakeena Naikwadi, K.J. Sannapapamma , C.K. Venugopal. 2017. Optimization of Vetiver root extract for textile finishing. International Journal of Current Microbiology and applied Sciences 10(6): 2009-2022
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