Dr. Sachidananda Swain
Scientist-SS (Agricultural Structure and Process Engineering (AS&PE))
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Experience: 11  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DPost Harvest Engg. & Technology2010ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)
M.TechAgricultural Structure and Process Engineering (AS&PE)2006ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)
Research Areas
Post harvest processing and value addition, supply chain management, phytochemical studies and quality control
Previous Experience
ICAR-Central Islands Agricultural Research InstituteScientist15-03-201017-12-2019
ICAR-Central Institute for Women in AgricultureScientist18-12-2019
  1. Best Extension Scientist Award (2016)
  2. Young Professional Award (2016)
  3. Fellow of Andaman Science Association (ASA)
  4. Best book Award (2019)
  5. Reviewer award (2019)
  6. Best paper and poster award.
           Total Number of Research Articles:
Significant Research Articles
  1. Swain. S., Samuel, D.V.K., Kar. A., Bal, L.M. and Sahoo, G.P . 2014. Mathematical modelling of microwave assisted dehydration of osmotically pretreated yellow sweet pepper (Capsicum annum L)..  Journal of Nutritional Health Food Engineering 1(3): 00013.
  2. Swain. S., Samuel, D.V.K., Kar. A., Bal, L.M. and Sahoo, G.P (2014).. 2014. Optimization of colour parameters and drying efficiency in osmotically pretreated microwave assisted drying of yellow sweet pepper (Capsicum annum L.) using Response-Surface Methodology. . Journal of Food Research and Technology2(2):  67-76.
  3. Singh, Shrawan., Swain. S., Singh, D.R., Salim, K.M., Nayak, Dipak. and Dam Roy, S. . 2015. Changes in phytochemicals, anti-nutrients and antioxidant activity in leafy vegetables by microwave boiling with normal and 5% NaCl solution. . Food Chemistry176 :  244253.
  4. Singh, Shrawan., Swain. S., Nisha, M., Shajeeda, Banu. V., Singh, D.R., and Dam Roy, S. (2015). . 2015. Changes in Lycopene, Total Carotenoid and Anti-radical activity in Teasel gourd [Momordica subangulata ssp. renigera (G. Don) de Wilde] fruit fractions at different stages of maturity. . Journal of Industrial Crops and Products. 73: 154-163
  5. Swain S, Samual D V K, Bal L M and Kar, Abhijit. . 2014. Thermal kinetics of colour degradation of yellow sweet pepper (Capsicum annum L.) undergoing microwave assisted convective drying. . International Journal of food properties. 17(9), 1946-196417(9): 1946-1964
  6. Swain S, Din M, Chandrika R, Sahoo GP, Roy S D . 2015. Performance Evaluation of Biomass Fired Dryer for Copra Drying: A Comparison with Traditional Drying in Subtropical Climate. . Journal of Food Processing and Technology. 5 (1): 294-299
  7. Swain S, Samuel DVK, Kar A . 2013. Effect of Packaging Materials on Quality Characteristics of Osmotically Pretreated Microwave Assisted Dried Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annum L.). . J. Food Process Technol.4(9): 264-270
  8. Sivaramakrishna,T., Swain,S., Saravanan,K., Kiruba Sankar,R., Dam Roy,S., Biswas Lipika And Baby Shalini. . 2017. In Vitro Antioxidant and Free Radical Scavenging Activity and Chemometric Approach to Reveal their Variability in Green Macroalgae from South Andaman Coast Of India. Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences17: 639-648
  9. Sachidananda swain, Awnindra K Singh, B. Gangaiah and S. Dam Roy . 2016. Optimization of milling parameters of green gram in subtropical climate using response surface methodology: A study in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. . Journal of Andaman Science Association21(2): 154-161
  10. Mangaraj, S., Mohanty, Swain, S., and Yadav, Ajay . 2018. Development and characterization of commercial biodegradable films using blown film extrusion technology.. Current Science116(6): 997-1002