Dr. Tanuja S
Senior Scientist (Fish Processing Technology)
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Experience: 8  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DZoology2015Utkal University
M.Sc(Agri.)Post Harvest Technology2005ICAR-CIFE
Research Areas
Fish processing, value addition and by products
Previous Experience
           Total Number of Research Articles:18
Significant Research Articles
  1. S Tanuja, P Viji, A A Zynudheen, and C G Joshy. 2012. Composition, Functional properties and antioxidative activity of hydrolysates prepared from Striped cat fish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus). Egyptian Journal of Biology12: 27-35
  2. Abha Singh, P. K. Sahoo, Krishna Srinath, Anil Kumar, S. Tanuja, J. Charles Jeeva and Rajshree Nanda. 2014. Gender roles and livelihood analysis of women in dryfish processing: a study in coastal Odisha. Fishery Technology51: 267-273
  3. Tanuja.S, Prafulla k.Mohanty., Anil Kumar., Amrita Moharana and Sujit. K.Nayak. 2014. Shelf life study of acid added silage produced from fresh water fish dressing waste with and without the addition of antioxidants. International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology5(2): 91-98
  4. S. Tanuja, P. Viji, A. A. Zynudheen, George Ninan, C. G. Joshy . 2014. ). Composition, Textural Quality and Gel Strength of Surimi Prepared from Striped Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, Souvage, 1878). . Fishery Technology51: 106-111
  5. Tanuja, S., Aiswarya Haridas., Zynudheen, A.A, & Joshy, C.G. . 2014. Functional and antioxidative properties of Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) produced from the frame meat of Striped catfish (Pangasius sutchi) using the alkaline protease Alcalase.. Indian Journal of Fisheries61(2): 82-89
  6. S. Tanuja, Anil Kumar and S.K. Nayak. 2014. Effect of dietary intake of acid ensiled fish waste on the growth, feed utilization, hematology and serum biochemistry of rohu Labeo rohita, (Hamilton, 1822) fingerlings. Indian Journal of Animal Research
  7. S. Tanuja, Anil Kumar, A. Sarkar and Sujit K. Nayak . 2014. Biochemical and microbiological quality of fermented silage prepared from dressing waste of Indian major carps using different concentrations of jaggery. Indian Journal of Fisheries63(3): 94-98
  8. S.Tanuja, Anil Kumar, S.K.Nayak and A. Sarkar. 2014. Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Acid Ensiled Fish Waste on the Growth, Carcass Quality and Serum Biochemistry in Vanraja Chicken. Indian Veterinary Journal93(10): 43-47
  9. Viji. P, Tanuja S , George Ninan , Lalitha K V , Zynudheen A A and Binsi P K . 2014. Effects of turmeric treatment and smoking duration on the shelf life of ready to cook fillets from sutchi catfish during chill storage.. Journal of Food Process Engineering
  10. Viji. P., Tanuja.S., George Ninan and Zynudheen A.A. 2014. Biochemical, textural, microbiological and sensory attributes of gutted and ungutted sutchi catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) stored in ice. Journal ofFood Science and Technology