Dr. Biswanath Sahoo
Principal Scientist (Animal Nutrition)
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Experience: 15  Years
Educational Qualification
Ph.DAnimal Nutriiton2002N.D.R.I, Karnal
M.ScAnimal Nutrition1997I.V.R.I, Izatnagar
Research Areas
Gender and Livestock
Previous Experience
I.V.R.I, MukteswarSenior Scientist10-02-201002-05-2015
N.D.University of Agri.& TehnologySenior Scientist03-06-200809-02-2010
G.B.Pant University of Agri & TechnologyScientist19-05-200302-06-2008
  1. Dr Rajendra Prasad Puraskar-2014 (ICAR)
  2. Dr U.B.Singh Young Scientist award (2011-12)
  3. Dr D. Sundersan award (2002), Bharat Excellence award (2014)
           Total Number of Research Articles:25
Significant Research Articles
  1. B. Sahoo and T.K. Walli. 2008. Effects of formaldehyde treated mustard cake and molasses supplementation on nutrient utilization, microbial protein supply and feed efficiency in growing kids . Animal Feed Science & Technology142: 220-230
  2. B. Sahoo and T.K.Walli. 2008. Effect of feeding undegradable protein with energy on nutrient utilization, milk yield and milk composition of crossbred goats. Small Ruminant Research75: 36-42
  3. Amit Ranjan, B. Sahoo, V.K. Singh, S. Srivastava, S.P. Singh & A.K. Pattanaik. 2012. Effect of bypass fat supplementation on productive performance and blood biochemical profile in lactating Murrah (Bubalus bubalis) buffaloes. Tropical Animal Health and Production44: 1615-1621
  4. B. Sahoo, M.L. Saraswat, N. Haque and M.Y. Khan. 2002. Influence of chemical treatment of wheat straw on carbon-nitrogen and energy balance in sheep. Small Ruminant Research44: 201-206
  5. B. Sahoo, M.L. Saraswat, N. Haque and M.Y. Khan. 2000. Energy balance and methane production in sheep fed chemically treated wheat straw. Small Ruminant Research35: 13-19
  6. B. Sahoo, T.K.Walli and A.K. Sharma. 2006. Effect of formaldehyde treated rapeseed oil cake based diet supplemented with molasses on growth rate and histopathological changes in goats. Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Science19: 997-1003
  7. B. Sahoo, Vishwanath, C. Bhushan, J. Kwatra & A. Agarwal. 2009. Effect of urea molasses mineral block supplementation on milk production of cows (Bos indicus) in mid hills of Uttarakhand. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology9: 171-178
  8. B. Sahoo and T. K.Walli. 2007. Effect of feeding rumen undegradable protein and supplemental energy on growth performance and blood metabolites in growing kids. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology7: 53-61
  9. B. Sahoo, D.P. Tiwari, P. Kumar, B.C. Mondal, D.V. Singh & Y.P. Joshi. 2012. Effect of probiotic supplementation on growth performance and blood biochemicals in crossbred calves. Indian Journal of Animal Science82: 328-330